Houston Walk-in Pantry Transformation

Organizer Spotlight: Dominique Caskey

In The Woodlands neighborhood of Houston, Texas, Dominique Caskey and the NEAT Method Houston team took on a walk-in pantry project. The client's main obstacle was making the best use of the mix of open shelving, cabinets, and drawers within the space, while ensuring it was functional and easy to maintain for her family, extended family who frequently helps out, and outside help within the home.

The team's plan was to create designated zones with the most frequently used categories and items closest to the kitchen or prep/sink area within the pantry. "We wanted to make each zone very visual so there was a flow to how they used it all day to day. We also planned the categories around which storage vessels would look and function best, ultimately giving her the look and functionality she was after," explained Dominique.

One challenge Dominique faced was the balance of function and style. The pantry was designed with a European cabinet company to optimize the size of the space with a mix of open shelving and cabinetry. "Our biggest challenge was optimizing the space properly to give them the functionality for everyone in the home while complimenting the aesthetics of the surrounding areas. There were a few cabinets that were harder to access due to the seamless cabinet fronts, so we had to come up with a game plan for a few tricky corners since it was all space that needed to be used!" shared Dominique.

To solve the challenge, Dominique kept the open shelving as the true pantry with breakfast, snacks, and kids' items as close to the actual kitchen as possible. Other categories, such as dinner, baking, and backstock, were placed further into the pantry. The cabinets were treated as a scullery kitchen, housing appliances, daily meds, and other entertaining items. "These were great items to tuck behind the cabinets—still accessible but not the stars of the show," Dominique explained.

When asked about her favorite feature of the system, the client appreciated the balance of detail within the space. Dominique recalls, "There is such a thing as taking it too far, making the system too complicated to upkeep, but there is a certain level needed with multiple people using the space constantly. The overall blend of how the spaces were used efficiently yet simply was the overall favorite due to how it contributes to their daily lives!" Dominique also suggested switching the finish of the open shelving to a beautiful wood tone so the black grid baskets would pop in the best way. "It quickly became our favorite feature," she added.

The NEAT Method Grid Basket proved to be the product that impacted the functionality of the space the most. "Our grid basket was the perfect blend of style and functionality to foster easy maintenance and an overall look that added the perfect touch to an already stunning space!" Dominique shared.

This pantry organization project, highlights the impact of expert planning. By working closely with the client and adapting to her unique needs and challenges, Dominique and the NEAT Method Houston team successfully transformed a complex pantry into a functional and stylish space that the whole family can enjoy.


Grid Basket

Perforated Acacia Basket

Acacia Riser

Glass Jars


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