For the Client

  • Why should I use NEAT?

    NEAT specializes in fully customized solutions for each individual client. We pride ourselves on being a full turn-key service; we organize, purchase organizational solutions, implement these solutions, donate/consign unwanted items and leave you living the NEAT life.

  • Who is NEAT Method for?

    Our typical clients are unorganized (duh!) but also don’t want to spend their weekends cleaning out closets or getting their home in order! We find that most clients are in a life transition; moving, getting married, divorced, having a baby, becoming an empty nester, or starting to work from home. No matter who you are, we are here to help make the space you have functional for the life you live.

  • What kind of spaces does NEAT Method organize?

    We organize nearly ALL areas of the home! No space is out of the question if you are willing to donate or consign items you are no longer using and you are open to seeing your life function at home in a whole new way.

  • What should I expect?

    You can expect an honest, educated and insured organizer to come and assess your needs and give you a quote before things get started. From there, your organizer will get you on the schedule in no time. Once the organizing begins you can expect us to completely transform your space and leave you with a sustainable solution that you, or anyone in and out of your house, can maintain. Bonus:: You do not need to be home while we organize but we will need 20 minutes of your time to do a walkthrough, get your approval and introduce you to your newly NEAT space.

  • What cities are you located in?

    We are launching new cities ALL THE TIME so be sure to check our locations page for the most up to date list of the current cities we are helping live the NEAT life!

  • Can I use NEAT if I am not in one of your cities?

    Yes! We travel for clients all the time. Since we have multiple locations, chances are good that one of the nearest franchise owners can get to you in no time. Alternatively, we have virtual organizing services if you are wanting to tackle the job on your own with a bit of help from the NEAT girls. Contact us for more information!

  • What are your rates?

    Our rates vary based on the market that you are in. Be sure to check with the franchise owner in your city for exact prices, but all jobs are estimated at an hourly rate.

  • How do I book?

    If you are ready to hear from the NEAT organizer near you, click here to tell us a little bit more about your needs.

  • What if I can't afford NEAT Method?

    No worries, we can still help! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for some great tips on how to organize your space on your own. Also, check out our shop page to see all of the products that we cannot organize without!

  • Do you do unpacking?

    Yes! Collectively, one of our favorite jobs is moving clients into a new home. We can manage an entire move from old house to unpacked in a new NEAT space!

For the Franchisee

  • Why should I consider owning a NEAT Franchise?

    NEAT gives you all the tools you need to run a successful organizing business in your market. If you are interested in starting an organizing business but don’t want to go at it alone, NEAT might be the perfect fit for you. We have carefully curated a team of individuals that truly believe that we are better working together!

  • What does NEAT look for in a Franchisee?

    NEAT looks for motivated individuals that are looking for a way to determine their own success!

  • Where is NEAT willing to Franchise?

    NEAT is open to franchising anywhere in the US or Canada where there is a need to get organized. But seriously, if we can see true potential for success in your market, we are ready to consider your city as a new place for NEAT. We will not launch unless we see the potential for success!

  • What does it cost to Franchise?

    The cost is an annual fee plus a percentage of your service fees. We can discuss the details once we get to know you a bit better :). Let’s have our first date (i.e. let’s start the interview process!)

  • Do I need organizing experience to be a Franchisee?

    You do not need to have already owned an organizing business but you do need to have a passion for all things alphabetized, color-coded, folded and labeled.

  • How do I become a Franchisee?

    The first step is to visit our franchise page to make sure our program would be a good fit!

  • What do I get by becoming a Franchisee?

    See our franchise page for a quick summary and then be sure to reach out to learn more if you like what you read.

  • Do you franchise outside the US?

    At this point, we only franchise in the US and Canada. But we are working to make NEAT available everywhere so please introduce yourself no matter where you live! 

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