Streamlining a Hinsdale Pantry for a Family of Five

Organizer Spotlight: Laura DeFalco

When a busy family of five in Hinsdale, Illinois, reached out to NEAT Method Chicago-Southwest Suburbs for help with their newly remodeled kitchen and pantry, Laura DeFalco knew she had her work cut out for her. The redesign had resulted in several smaller pantry areas instead of one main pantry, making it challenging to determine where to place particular items for optimal functionality.

Laura started off the project by sitting down with the client to gain an understanding of each family member's needs and how they used the space. From there, the team set out to create a customized system despite a couple bumps along the way. Some categories were especially tricky when it came to finding a home, and one child's ongoing food allergy testing added an extra layer of complexity. 

The team stayed focused on their goal and set out to break down each food category based on space restrictions and frequency of use. They made a special effort to prioritize items that were most important to the kids, ensuring that they were easy to access. 

One of the standout features of the newly organized kitchen is the tea and coffee bar. The client loves having all of her beverage essentials in one convenient spot, making it easy to grab what she needs without having to search through multiple areas. When it comes to the product that had the biggest impact on the space, the Grid Baskets stand out. They not only make it easy for the kids to see what's available, but they also simplify the process of restocking. 

By taking the time to understand the unique needs and challenges of this family of five, Laura and her team were able to create a system that not only looks elevated but also functions flawlessly.



Grid Baskets

Perforated Basket

Label Holder


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