Elevating the Everyday Pantry in NYC

Organizer Spotlight: Corrin McCoy

For busy families, the pantry is the heartbeat of the kitchen - a space that needs to evolve alongside changing needs and eating habits. And no one understands that better than Corrin McCoy and the NEAT Method New York City team.

Their latest project centered on reimagining the pantry for a Brooklyn family of four as their snacking tastes and household dynamics shifted. "The kids are getting older, so the snack category has really grown," McCoy explains. "Creating a super functional, ever-adaptable snack zone was crucial."

When they arrived, the pantry included a mish-mash of items like travel mugs alongside food storage. After editing down those miscellaneous categories and relocating them elsewhere, the team had a lot of new storage opportunities to play with.

But fully maximizing the 10-inch deep, 16-inch wide pantry footprint was tricky. "With those dimensions, our typical product options felt limited at first," McCoy notes. "We had to get creative to ensure every nook was usable yet visually cohesive."

Their strategic solution incorporated a blend of acrylic bins for instant accessibility and stylish accents like Acacia Turntables and Grid Baskets from NEAT's signature product line. Streamlined, stackable canisters allowed for easy visibility and expansion.

"Truthfully, the expanded, ultra-organized pantry excited the whole family," McCoy remarks. "But the true showstoppers were the spice drawer and the cookware divider neatly storing all their boards and trays."

Throughout the install, working closely with the family's house manager/chef was super important. "Her open-mindedness and willingness to rethink old processes really allowed us to create our best work," McCoy states.

By the end, the team elevated the everyday pantry to a modern and functional space - adaptable enough to withstand the family's needs as they continue to change over time. 


Grid Basket

Acacia Turntable

Spice Jar Set

Spice Label Set


the NEAT team

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