Transforming an Interior Designer's Westchester Playroom

Organizer Spotlight: Abbie Polak

When Abbie Polak, owner of NEAT Method Westchester, was called to help interior designer, Ariel Okin, organize her children's playroom, she knew she had her work cut out for her. With toys scattered everywhere, ranging from new baby toys to pre-school toys, Ariel needed a way to differentiate the play spaces and create distinct play zones for dress-up, art, reading, and more.

Abbie and her team spent two days working on the project, using the client's built-in corner bookcases as a starting point to create four separate vignettes. "We wanted each little area to feel like its own little space," Abbie explained. By incorporating unique elements into each zone, they were able to transform the large playroom into a series of engaging and well-defined areas.

One challenge the team faced was working around a daybed in one of the corners of the playroom. Abbie came up with a creative solution to create a cozy corner by incorporating a princess tent and some extra-large stuffed animals. "The corner daybed space became a great place for an adult to sit and relax while the kids played as well!" she added.

When asked about Ariel's favorite feature of the newly organized playroom, Abbie shared, "The client's favorite part was probably the art area we created. We set up the little craft table and chairs in front of one of the bookcases. In the bookcase, we were able to decant all the different art supplies, which allows the kids to see everything and know what they have to use. And who doesn't love looking at a rainbow assortment of crayons, markers, pom poms, and googly eyes!"

The NEAT Method canisters used for the arts and crafts supplies had the most significant impact on the functionality of the space. "Besides looking so pretty, it really helps the kids to see all the crafts and coloring they have to choose from. Helps with clean-up too!" Abbie explained.

The family was thrilled with the results of the playroom transformation. The once cluttered and disorganized space now features distinct play zones that encourage creativity, imagination, and learning. The NEAT Method team's expertise and attention to detail have created a functional and visually appealing environment that the family can enjoy for years to come.

This Westchester playroom organization project showcases the power of expert planning, creative problem-solving, and a client-centric approach. By working closely with the client and adapting to their unique needs and challenges, Abbie Polak and her team successfully transformed a chaotic playroom into a series of engaging and well-defined play zones that the whole family can enjoy.

Photo Credit: Donna Dotan Photography



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