Elevated Kitchen Transformation in New Orleans

Organizer Spotlight: Felicia Schimpf

When a client reached out to Felicia Schimpf for help organizing their new home in Metairie, Louisiana, they had been facing challenges due to construction delays and a lengthy move across town. Determined to create a comfortable living space for their family of two, they sought the expertise of the NEAT Method New Orleans team to tackle the kitchen and bring order to their new home.

Felicia connected with the client throughout the project to ensure a smooth transition. "From the inception to the completion of the moving process, we collaborated closely with our client every step of the way. Through meticulous planning and seamless coordination, our team transformed the space into a welcoming and impeccably organized environment," Felicia explained.

One of the biggest challenges Felicia and her team faced during the move was coordinating with various trades while maintaining their shared goal of ensuring the clients were comfortably settled in their new home. The construction delays were also tricky to navigate, but with the team's combined expertise and problem-solving skills, they were able to unpack and organize efficiently. 

When asked about the client's favorite feature of the newly organized space, Felicia shared, "Our client's favorite aspect was the tailored systems we implemented, allowing them to effortlessly uphold organization throughout every area of their new home. These custom solutions not only met their needs but also ensured long-term satisfaction and ease of maintenance."

In the end, Felicia and her team spent between 8-10 hours to complete the full project. Their expert planning, customized solutions, and client-centric approach were super important in achieving the client's desired result. The team successfully transformed a chaotic move into a beautifully organized and functional home that the client can enjoy for years to come.

Photo Credit: Casey McMurray


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