Optimizing a Chef's Pantry in Chicago

Organizer Spotlight: Betsy Marsala

In the bustling city of Chicago, Betsy Marsala and the NEAT Method Chicago Downtown team took on a project to organize a pantry serving both a private chef and a homeowner. The goal was to create a space that was not only functional for the chef's daily use but also accessible and practical for the client.

Balancing Form and Function

Like all NEAT projects, the main challenge was to seamlessly blend aesthetics with practicality. The pantry needed to accommodate professional cooking tools and ingredients while remaining user-friendly for the client. Betsy and her team set out to source innovative storage solutions that catered to both the chef’s and the homeowner's needs.

Strategic Design Solutions

To enhance the pantry's functionality, the team recommended the installation of custom vertical slats in an upper cabinet. This was a game-changer for organizing serving trays and cooking sheets, making them easily accessible for the chef during meal prep. They also implemented turntables for oils and vinegars and decanted spices in a shallow drawer to keep cooking essentials within arms reach.

Navigating Construction Challenges

Organizing the pantry with ongoing construction was somewhat tricky. Betsy and her team adapted by working in micro-shifts, coordinating closely with other vendors. This "spatial choreography" ensured that the pantry setup did not interfere with construction and was fully completed before the client moved in.

Client's Favorite Features

The client was particularly impressed with the custom features integrated into the pantry. The vertical slats were a standout, transforming an otherwise hard-to-reach cabinet into a functional storage space. The Acacia Spice Jars, custom labels, and interior cabinet lighting were additional details that brought the pantry's design to the next level.

Unique Aspects of the Project

This project was a travel job to the client’s second residence, adding an extra layer of complexity in terms of product planning and execution. Having the private chef's input was a huge resource, as it allowed the NEAT Method team to tailor the pantry specifically to the primary user's needs, ensuring that every aspect of the space was optimized for professional use while still accommodating the homeowner.

Betsy Marsala and her team demonstrated exceptional adaptability and attention to detail in this Chicago pantry project. With thoughtful planning and expert execution, they transformed this space into a perfectly organized and beautiful part of the home.


Acacia Turntable

Acacia Spice Jar

Grid Basket

Cane Basket


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