Space Lift: NOLA Kitchen + Pantry

We love showing finalized NEAT spaces on our Instagram feed, but what we love even more is telling the stories of how our clients are living more effiiciently in their newly organized spaces.

Take a look at this kitchen and see what makes it so NEAT!

City :: New Orleans

Organizer :: Felicia Schimpf

Room :: Kitchen + Pantry

Hours to complete :: 5 hours

Objective :: Review and rework pantry flow, swap out spices to custom jars and labels, elevate aesthetic while maintaining function in each space.

Client’s favorite feature :: The client wanted baskets in her pantry that she could see through. We chose the white tosca baskets from TCS and she fell in love! She also owns a custom drapery business and uses a small space in her pantry for her printer and office supplies. The client was very pleased with how we organized those items so that they complimented the aesthetic of her pantry and how the space was also functional.

Stand out product :: The custom spice jars from and custom spice jar labels from PaperandPearStore.

What’s your favorite part of this kitchen + pantry?


The NEAT Girls


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