Revamping a Playroom in Columbus

Organizer Spotlight: Lindsay Herrick and Kelly Platte

In the cozy neighborhood of Bexley in Columbus, Ohio, a family's playroom was in desperate need of an overhaul. Enter Lindsay Herrick and Kelly Platte, owners of NEAT Method Columbus, who were ready to tackle the chaos caused by the joyful mess of four energetic kids. The room was overwhelmed with toys and crafts, all begging for a new system to replace the old mismatched bins that has lost function over time. 

The Strategy for a Tidy Transformation

Lindsay and Kelly teamed up with the family, diving into the clutter with a clear mission: simplify and sort. The goal was to say goodbye to toys and crafts that were no longer in use, making space for the children's current favorites. They carefully crafted zones tailored to the kids' interests, like a cozy corner for puzzles and games, a construction area for budding builders, and a creative nook for arts and crafts. The placement of toys was strategic, ensuring easy access for safe, independent play and securing certain items out of the reach of the youngest members.

To bring order to the space, they introduced stylish and functional bins and baskets, complemented by labels to guide the family in keeping everything in its place.

Challenges and Solutions

Finding the right storage solutions that were both kid-friendly and aesthetically pleasing proved challenging. The team sought containers that would keep the playroom organized while still allowing the kids to see their belongings. They opted for bone Grid Baskets that perfectly matched the room's decor and large craft totes with inserts for all the arts and crafts supplies, blending functionality with style.

What Stood Out

The family was thrilled with the transformation, especially appreciating how the new setup reduced clutter and added a touch of sophistication to the playroom. The categorization and containment of toys and crafts, facilitated by clear labeling, made both playtime and cleanup significantly easier for everyone involved.

Labels emerged as the MVP of the project, essential for maintaining the new organizational system. With various family members, caregivers, and helpers frequenting the home, it was crucial that everyone could easily identify where items belonged, streamlining the tidying process.

The Final Takeaway

Lindsay and Kelly didn't just organize a playroom; they transformed it into a space that fosters fun and creativity while making cleanup a breeze. This project in Columbus shows that with thoughtful planning and the right tools, even the most chaotic spaces can become enjoyable and functional areas for the whole family.


Grid Baskets

Seagrass Bin

Label Holder Set

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