Anatomy of a NEAT Linen Closet


We've never met a linen closet we didn't like. Second only to daily use toiletries, we love them for keeping necessary bathroom and bedroom items tucked out of sight. Whether you store towels and blankets, medicine and back stock - or all of the above - here's how you can refresh your linen closet, the NEAT way. 


Categorized Stacks

Bulky towels and blankets are typically too large to store in a bin or basket. We prefer to categorize and stack - just be careful not to stack so high that they topple over. Most importantly, fold every item in one stack to the same width and depth for a clean look. You can do this by folding one item to the depth of your shelf and using it as a guide for the rest. 


Fold Facing Out

Have you ever walked into Bed Bath and Beyond and wondered how they get those perfect towel folds? Here's a secret: they use one towel carefully placed over a foam display piece! But, you can mimic the same look by placing the fold facing outward on your shelf. This not only makes it look more NEAT, but will allow you to visually see where one item starts and the other begins. 


Quick Visual

For categories that you grab frequently, it's helpful to select a see through vessel like our Grid Basket. Place them at eye level, making sure to separate each category. Keep in mind, too much transparency can add visual clutter so be sure to balance them with coordinating bins in a more opaque finish. 




When it comes to corralling toiletries, medicine, and first aid, bins and baskets are the obvious choice. Select a product that is easy to wipe down should anything spill and measure beforehand to ensure it will fit on your shelf. Our best tip when implementing baskets is to be careful not to overdo it. Yes, we love them, but too many can look overwhelming visually. A good rule of thumb is to use them on no more than half the shelves in your closet.




Labels are a huge part of every NEAT space and the finishing touch to ensure your system will last. Having your bins and baskets labeled will help everyone in your home understand where things belong and where they can be found. Keep them current as your needs change and you'll always stay organized! 


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The NEAT Team


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