Anatomy of a NEAT Laundry Room

Laundry might not be our favorite task, but we have a few tricks up our sleeve to make it little more enjoyable. Believe us or not, with some tweaks to your system and simplified storage you just might be encouraged to toss in a load every day. Here are the main features of every laundry space we organize - whether it's a narrow closet or an entire room. 

Accessible Shelving
A laundry space's primary purpose is to do laundry, so make sure essential detergents and supplies are placed within reach. In some cases this may mean adding to (or adjusting) your available shelving to make them easier to access. No room for shelves? Add a behind-the-door rack to corral everything you need. 
If space allows, a turntable is a great option for the items you grab most frequently. Place them at eye level or on a countertop to hold detergent, dryer balls and spot treatment. We especially love that when placed on an upper shelf, a quick turn simplifies access to items in the back.
Durable Bins

In a laundry space, it's best to opt for bins or baskets that are easy to wipe clean should something spill. And of course, keep everything looking cohesive by choosing one or two bin types and repeating them throughout. This will provide a clean visual even if the contents of each bin aren't perfectly NEAT. 


When faced with bulky containers of laundry pods or dryer balls on the run, translucent canisters are a great option. Add essentials to their own canister and place them on a turntable or by themselves on a shelf within arms reach. This makes it easy to quickly grab what you need for an effortless laundry experience every time. Then, refill canisters with backstock as needed. 


We encourage labeling in every space, but because a laundry room can be a hodgepodge of household essentials like excess cleaners, pet care products, lightbulbs and more, its extra important to label each bin or basket. Plus, this takes the guesswork out of determining where something can be found or where it belongs for every family member. 


Grid Basket

Perforated Acacia Basket

Acacia Turntable

Label Holder Set

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