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Whether you store granola bars and trial mix or popcorn and fruit leather, it's important to keep your snack stash stocked up and at the ready. Even more important is making them easy for everyone in your home to locate. Not sure where to start? We asked our team to share their own snack zones, plus tips on how they keep it all organized. Take a look...

1. Shop mindfully
Our kids love their snack drawers. Whether its for their own enjoyment or all of their friends when they are over, we make an effort to have a variety. Some of our favorite categories include; individual nut packets, granola/protein bars, beef jerky, variety of chip bags. However, we are not a bulk buying family. Instead, we buy only 1-2 boxes at a time in order to replenish the drawers. 
-Ashley Murphy, Co-founder + CEO


2. Dedicate space

With my small pantry, it was vital to dedicate space for each major food category. Then, when I’m at the store, I can visually picture how much space I have in each category. This helps with overbuying and not having space to store unnecessary snacks.

-Talia Lewey, Social Media Coordinator


3. Avoid over-labeling

I love our small grid baskets for packaged snacks because they fit perfectly and there is no change the kids can leave an empty box filling up precious pantry space. Pro tip: don't label these if you are cycling through different types of snacks easily. It is perfectly acceptable for a grab-and-go section to be left "self-explanatory" vs labeled.

-Marissa Hagmeyer, Co-founder + COO


4. Keep it visual

I keep all our snacks in one area of the pantry with kid specific snacks on a lower shelf to make it easy for them to help pack their own lunches and snacks for school. I also like to keep healthy options, like nuts, in this area to encourage healthy choices. NEAT's grid baskets help everyone to see what is inside and the divider in the perforated baskets help keep items separated. I also love using NEAT's canisters to corral smaller items like granola bars. Happy snacking!

-Hannah Goetz, Director of Franchise Operations


5. Provide boundaries

Our pantry is a narrow reach-in, so we have to be thoughtful about what we store. Sunday restocks of the snack zone ensure we purchase just what we need for the week — and no more. I love the flexibility and structure of acacia drawer dividers to provide boundaries!

-Nikki Orsborn, Lead Graphic Designer


6. Stay on budget

As you can see, I'm not using NEAT baskets here. We are renovating our home in stages with the kitchen being one of the last. So I've been swapping out old products as we "move" into the newly renovated spaces. Don't hesitate to implement new products a few at a time. It not only helps when being mindful of a budget, but also ensures you get exactly what you need for each space.

-Lisa Ruff, Director of Marketing

Want another look inside our homes? Discover how we keep it NEAT in the drop zone.


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