The 3 Most Effective Organization Tips for Peaceful Living

Gretchen Rubin said it best, "Outer order contributes to inner calm." Clutter not only prevents you from properly storing and finding your belongings, but it can lead to feelings of overwhelm, distraction, and even decision fatigue - definitely not the vision of "home sweet home.”

An organized space on the other hand, can significantly improve mental health by reducing stress. Simplified and efficient, it cuts through mental clutter, eases anxiety and allows you to concentrate on what matters most. Here are a few tips to help you achieve a peaceful home...

1. Get rid of unnecessary duplicates

We often suggest getting rid of belongings that are expired, stained, broken or no longer fit. But, what do you do when your space is overflowing even after those things are removed? You're likely dealing with unnecessary excess (things you don't actually need or use). Start by identifying duplicates. Choose your favorite and only keep those. For example, you likely do not need more than one pizza cutter or stapler.

2. Prioritize top drawers and eye-level shelves

Top drawers and eye-level shelves are what we affectionately call "prime real estate.” Reserve  these storage areas for your most frequently used categories. This will differ for everyone but might include items like daily use toiletries, flatware, and coffee pods. Once you've identified those categories, take a minute to move things around as needed in order to map out the space more efficiently for your lifestyle.

3. Put an end to stray piles 

One of the most effective ways to keep clutter at bay is to make sure everything has a home. Identify the categories that are frequently collecting in piles - this is an indicator that they would benefit from a designated bin, basket or drawer. Examples might include incoming mail, donations, dry cleaning, and returns. Side note: we love using opaque storage pieces to hide the contents. 

For the finishing touch to any space, add organizing solutions as needed to provide boundaries. Once all your belongings are thoughtfully edited, prioritized and individually contained, you'll benefit from reduced visual clutter and a more calming and peaceful home environment. 


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