Consulting a Professional Organizer for a Build or Renovation

We love consulting on and reviewing design plans for builds and renovations, to ensure our clients' spaces are going to function well for their needs. We often work alongside contractors and designers to incorporate efficiencies with our clients' belongings and lifestyle in mind. 

The earlier you involve your NEAT team in a build or renovation, the better. NEAT Dallas-Highland Park began working on a pantry and laundry room for a merging family in April 2020. The renovation wrapped in October of the same year, and while it was a lengthy project, the results were worth the wait for this family of five with one on the way. 

Our team started by meeting with the general contractor and designers to collaborate on how to make this home work for this family’s ever-evolving needs.  With a dad who went to culinary school, a mom running her own business, two avid sport-playing boys, an active daughter and a baby due a week after the move, the pantry and laundry room needed to be utilized for MANY activities.


Let’s start with the pantry goals. Not only did it need to be a place for food and groceries, but it also needed to showcase a large array of kitchen appliances and entertaining pieces, due to a minimalistic modern aesthetic throughout the kitchen and living room.

We wanted the space to be able to function easily and make getting the family ready in the mornings easy, lunches organized and dinners a breeze.

Drawers were a key element in the pantry design that we created, as they could be utilized for multiple categories like lunch totes, water bottles, baby back stock and healthy grab and go snacks zones at a perfect height for little ones.


Next, we tackled the laundry room. It was planned for being a space where laundry was divided and completed, as well as storing cleaning essentials and gift wrap.

We kept all laundry items within reach of the two washers and dryers and added plenty of hanging space to accommodate this growing family.  Custom built-in, pullout hampers were implemented for efficient laundry loads with separate categories for lights, darks, hand-washing, ironing and dry cleaning.


Having worked at The Container Store prior to owning NEAT Dallas-Highland Park owner, Shelley Anbouba, took a favorite to the gift wrap storage and designed a segmented, pullout drawer to organize multiple gift wrap themes.

Plenty of shelving was added so that each child had a designated space for both gift-giving and receiving.


The best part of being included in the initial design process was being able to give our input on how to create a space that functioned both efficiently and beautifully.  Working alongside both the contractor and the interior design team allowed us to seamlessly accomplish all of our NEAT goals for this amazing family. By the time the project wrapped in October, the final NEAT touches were added and the family was able to settle in with their newest little bundle. 

If you're feeling a little lost as to what storage spaces to implement into your new home or renovation, let us help


the NEAT team

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