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It’s that time again! Launch week. This week we are launching new franchise owners and new markets! Let’s dive in to see who our new additions are.

We want to welcome Stephanie Pasley of Providence. We are thrilled she’s a part of the team. Let’s find out more about what makes her so NEAT.

NM :: Why do you want to run NEAT in your city?

SP :: I have been so excited to run NEAT Providence ever since I started working with my good friend and fellow NEAT franchise owner, Jessica, in Boston. I got to see first hand how excited the community was and how much we were able to help the clients in that market. I know that the Providence and Rhode Island community will be thrilled to have access to this method and our services, just as they have been in Boston.


NM :: What did you do before NEAT?

SP :: Before NEAT I worked in the corporate world for 8 years. My background is in Account Management and Project Management. Interacting with customers and keeping everyone organized has always been my specialty. In 2018 I became a stay at home mom to our one year old daughter, Peyton. Most recently, I became a certified Pure Barre instructor! (You can catch me on the mic in Cranston and Lincoln!)

NM :: What makes your city unique?

SP :: Rhode Island is small (the smallest state in the United States!) but has big (and multiple!) personalities. Northern and central Rhode Island are what you would expect from any New England community but a 30 minute drive to the south and you're on an island, at the beach. Our backyard is where millions of Americans vacation every year (we have 384 miles of shoreline and 35 islands!). Our capital city, Providence, isn't just rich in history, it's rich in culture, the arts and award winning restaurants. Rhode Islanders love food so much we've come up with our own, unique food and beverages that you can't get anywhere else: coffee milk, party pizza, doughboys, suffies & Awful Awfuls to name a few!

NM :: How long have you lived in your city?

SP :: In 2006 I moved from Massachusetts to Rhode Island to attend Bryant University in Smithfield and I have lived in Rhode Island ever since (13 years!). After college I lived in Providence for a while before moving to northern Rhode Island and finally settling in central Rhode Island.

NM :: What are your favorite places to shop in your city?

SP :: I am known to shop til I drop! There are so many unique shops on Westminster and Wickenden and you can't talk about shopping in Providence without mentioning Thayer! I also love strolling down Main Street in East Greenwich and spending a couple of hours in Wickford Village. Whenever I shop on Thames or the wharfs in Newport, I feel like I'm on vacation. Garden City in Cranston is my second home.

NM :: What about your go to spots for great food?

SP :: Where do we even begin? Brunch at Nick's on Broadway, lunch at Plant City and dinner on Federal Hill. Seafood at Matunuck or Midtown Oyster Bar. Love the views (and the food!) at 15 Point Road and the atmosphere at The Shanty. The Coast Guard House is always a go to. Margaritas (and more food) at Perro Salado or Diegos. Cocktails with a view at The Vanderbilt or Gurney's.

NM :: Show us a picture of your most organized space and tell us what it is.

SP :: My most organized space in my home is the guest drawer in my guest bathroom. I want our guests to feel welcome and taken care of when they come and stay with us, which is often considering most of our family and friends live out of state!

NM :: What about your least organized space? What the heck happened?

SP :: My least organized space in my home is my husband's closet... I don't think this needs any explanation…

NM :: What do you think is going to be your favorite part of running NEAT in your city?

SP :: Exploring all of the beautiful areas that Providence and Rhode Island have to offer! Sometimes we get so caught up in our day to day lives that we forget how lucky we are to live in such a spectacular state. Also in a state this small, everyone knows everyone! I can't wait to meet new people and find out all the ways we are connected.

NM :: What can people expect when they hire you to organize their home?

SP :: No judgement! I have a one year old and two large dogs so contrary to popular belief, my house is not always perfectly clean and organized at all times.

NM :: Do you have any hidden talents that we should know about?

SP :: Most of my hidden talents have to do with my athletic background. I can both ski and snowboard and I teach a lot of people how to snowboard. I was a pole vaulter in high school, which always surprises people. I can also still do a toe touch from my cheerleading days and remember most of my cheers from Pop Warner. Other than that I can rap a lot of Salt N Pepa songs.

Congratulations! We’re so excited to have you join NEAT!

The NEAT Girls

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