How to Stay Organized in Shared Spaces


It's one thing to maintain organization in a space that only you use, but it's a different story altogether when everyone in your family is accessing that space. Let's dive in to shared spaces and how you can encourage (key word) everyone in your home to keep them NEAT.



This is easier said than done, but imagine a world where each member of your family only kept one or two pairs of shoes in the mudroom or entryway. Sounds like a dream, right? Simplicity can only be achieved when limits are set, especially in tight quarters. On that same note, start with a ruthless edit and put donations in your car right away, so you won't change your mind. Moving forward, donate one item for every new item you bring into your house. 


Labels are imperative to getting everyone on board with the systems you create. Once you've categorized and contained your space, visible labels on every bin and basket will make it easier for family members to find what they're looking for. Even more importantly, they'll also serve as a constant reminder to put things back where they go. 


Every space requires a refresh and edit from time to time. Depending on how cooperative your family is, will depend on how frequently you need to do this. We know there are special members of every family that can't seem to put something back correctly, no matter what you do. Don't give up. Keep reminding them and involve them in a weekly refresh of each space. 

Need help creating a system for your family? Connect with one 75+ teams across the US and Canada for full-service luxury organizing services. 

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