A Primary Closet Transformation: Elevating Style and Function in Northern Virginia

Organizer Spotlight: Lauren Sadlon

When it comes to closet organization, unique architecture can be a challenge. For Lauren Sadlon and the NEAT Method Northern Virginia team, a client's primary closet in Alexandria, VA, was just that – ceilings and cutouts that made displaying bags and shoes a bit tricky.

Lauren set out to create a plan that would maximize the closet's potential. "The key was to better utilize hanging and drawer space," she explains, "in order to free up shelf space for the client's beautiful collection of accessories."

With that goal in mind, Lauren and her team got to work. Over the course of 8 hours, they carefully curated and organized the closet's contents, ensuring that every item had a home. By optimizing hanging and drawer space, they were able to create plenty of room for the client's bags and shoes to take center stage on the shelves.

The result? A closet that not only functions flawlessly but also showcases the client's personal style. "She has a lot of beautiful items to display," Lauren notes, "and now, she can see all of her bags at a glance."

For the client, this visibility is the favorite feature of her newly organized closet. Not only does it make accessorizing a breeze, but it also allows her to appreciate her collection every time she steps inside.

At NEAT Method, we believe that every closet has the potential to be both functional and sophisticated. By taking the time to understand our clients' unique needs and working with each space's individual quirks, we're able to create custom solutions that elevate the everyday.


the NEAT team

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